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I realize it’s been ages since I last posted anything art-related on here, so I figured I’d do a quick update on all that jazz. Basically, this last month has been bananas. I started that new nannying job, and for these past 2 weeks, my little dude has been on spring break, so I’ve been taking on extra hours there. I also had my two closest friends come in to town unexpectedly, which has been fucking awesome. I also wound up patching things up with an old friend I’d been in a scrape with last year, as well as catching up with a ton of people I haven’t seen in ages. Basically, I started the year off being a hermit, and now all of a sudden, my life has gotten all people-y again. Which is fun, but also a little bit strange and overwhelming at times.

Aside from all that, I’ve been working a bit on patches, namely Milhouse ones and that Teenage Dirtbag one. Haven’t started embroidering any Teen Hankgst ones, but I do have a couple new designs in mind, and have been reading a lot about screen printing, and thinking of making my own screen printing system so I could replicate more of those patches faster and cheaper. I’ve also been working on new Tiger Beatnik collages. Most of the magazines I’ve been using have gotten pretty ripped to shreds, so I went to Kroger today to get more. While I don’t really care about folks knowing all the weird or potentially embarrassing things I like, I still can’t help feeling kinda skeezy buying those teen tabloids. I just can’t.

I also recently stumbled across my mom’s old yearbook from her senior year in 1975. And it is fucking golden. I think part of why the whole stereotypical high school culture is so intriguing to me is because I went to a very tiny, unconventional Christian school that didn’t have dances or prom, or senior superlatives, etc, so anytime I see something that looks straight out of some campy teen flick, I latch onto it. Which is probably why my mom’s yearbook, which features kids dressed like members of Sly and the Family Stone, white dudes with terrible afros, kids in granny glasses saying shit like “Maintain a high life,” and a girl that looks like Lindsey Weir, right down to the green army jacket, posing with a cat in her portrait, is so interesting to me. BUT ANYWAYS. I’ve been really obsessed with sketching all the kids in those pictures and their quotes and am thinking of compiling them all into a zine. (Also, the lady in the bottom left corner of the above photo with the long, long hair and peasant blouse is my beautiful momma. I swear I didn’t intend to open that yearbook to her page.).

And then-back to embroidery-there are the two large scale pieces I’ve been working on. The one not pictured is currently on hiatus, but this one, I’m trying to haul ass to complete, because I reeeeally want to start on the next one I have planned. It’s one of the first pieces I designed, but for some reason, has always taken a backseat to others. Luckily, the main hurdle with the piece I have pictured is embroidering the human subject. After that, I’ve just gotta stitch in some words, a big ol’ gilded martyred saint halo, attach it to the background fabric, and mount it.

And then in addition to all that business, I’ve been working on another series I mentioned briefly last week–I’ve been hollowing out all these old Sweet Valley High paperbacks and creating miniature 3–D scenes in them. Really enjoying working on that one. I’ve also been working on various poetry and music projects and just…yeah. Basically, what I am trying to say, is that I haven’t stopped with the embroidery stuff, I just have so many different things going on right now, it’s pretty much like everything is in a work-in-progress stage. But I am hoping to have patches added to the shop soon, as well as updates made on TigerBeatnik.

Anyways, I really thought I could keep this post brief, but…well, obviously, that didn’t work. C’est la vie, I guess. So thanks to whoever actually bothers with reading this.

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